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Bach Estate

By Sabey Rule Blog

In British Columbia, if you make a gift to one of the two witnesses to your will, or to the spouse of one of the two witnesses to your will, the usual rule is that the gift is invalid. This rule can lead to very harsh results, invalidating significant gifts to close family or friends, thwarting the will maker’s intentions.

Fortunately, the Wills, Estates and Succession Act contains a new provision allowing the court to declare that a gift to a witness, or to the spousal witness, is valid and may take effect, if the court is satisfied that the will maker intended to make the gift. Read More

Committee’s Power to Waive Privilege on Behalf of Patient

By Sabey Rule Blog

There are many circumstances where a committee appointed to look after the affairs of a mentally incompetent patient may need to access the contents of a patient’s file materials from a lawyer. The cases of Derlago v Derlago, (1994) 93 BCLR (2d) 307, 2ETR (2d) 315 and Re: Elsie Jones, 2009 BCSC 1306, at paras 12-13, clarifies that the authority to make decisions regarding a patient’s property, including legal files, extends to the committee.

Read More

K.L.W v. Genesis Fertility Centre

By Sabey Rule Blog

Mr. A.B. had serious medical problems throughout his life. He and his wife, K.L.W., wished to have children. He arranged to have his sperm stored by Genesis Fertility Centre, so that his wife could use his reproductive material to conceive a child. He wanted her to be able to do so after his death. Read More

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