Each strata and condominium law issue is unique. Our role is to understand the unique facts of your strata issue or dispute and provide real and practical solutions in solving it. We assist both individual owners and strata corporations in their issues and/or disputes.

We assist you with your strata and condominium law issues in all areas, including:

  • Full bylaw redrafting and/or single bylaw drafting
  • Interpretation and enforcement of bylaws and rules
  • Advice regarding correct governance of Strata Corporations
    • Handling owner bylaw complaints
    • Hardship applications
  • Amending the strata plan including designating or removing limited common property designations
  • Preparation of resolutions to annual and special general meetings
  • Financial requirements and division of expenses issues
  • Insurance issues including the recovery of an insurance deductible
  • Interpreting repair and maintenance obligations with respect to strata lots, common property and limited common property
  • Collections of outstanding strata fees, special levies, fines, etc.
    • Including
      • Preparing and sending demand letters
      • Preparing, filing and removing strata liens
      • Proceeding to Court to collect the outstanding fees

Our lawyer practicing in this area is Taeya Fitzpatrick.

If you would like further information or would like to meet with one of our lawyers please feel free to contact us.


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