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Mark Brade

Transfer of Firearms from an Estate

By Sabey Rule Blog

The Firearms Act defines “transfer” to mean sell, barter, or give. Accordingly, disposition of even a non-registered firearm will involve a “transfer” and will be subject to the applicable laws and regulations.

The first thing an executor needs to know is that in Canada a firearm may be transferred to:

  • a person who is 18 or older;
  • an organization with a Firearms Business License; and
  • a public service agency (such as the RCMP).

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Storage of Firearms Left in an Estate

By Sabey Rule Blog

For many executors the process of administering an estate includes dealing with unfamiliar assets and concerns, and not uncommon among these are the firearms of the deceased and the question how to store these firearms prior to transferring them. While this topic can become complex I will attempt to set out some of the more general points of firearms-related legal obligations which an executor would be wise to consider prior to dealing with any firearms in the estate. Read More